The Clubhouse, Local Details

The house is on the edge of the historical Oak Grove neighborhood in Fargo, ND. People who live here are sometimes referred to as 'Grovers'.

You can see a map of the area if you click on this little map.

We are about 100 feet from the railroad tracks, and about 200 feet from the river at its closest point. We are told there is a 'hobo village' that forms under the railroad bridge during the summer, maybe 400 feet from our clubhouse. We are also about 800 feet from the 'community gardens' that the Grovers maintain down by the river.

We have been told this was the 'drug house' in the neighborhood, and that there was a woman who lived here, under a 'contract for deed', who left last May (according to the neighbors, the son was 'pushing dope' and got arrested and sent to de-tox in Bismark). We have only met a few neighbors, so this story might get more interesting.

Sears Catalog House?

There is some speculation that the original house was a Sears catalog 'kit' house. Like this one in Anthon, Iowa.

(Photo provided by Dr. Donald P. Schwert).

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