The Kids go to France

Megan and Ree went to France. They tried to leave on January 16, 2007, but actually left on January 17.

Brian and Rita went to France, too. They left on March 8, 2007.

Photos from Brian and Rita

Brian and Rita went to the International Web-based Education (WBE-07) Conference, and stopped in the south of France to visit on the way.

Photos from Ree and Megan

Here is a page with 116 photos (up to Apr. 3)

Here is a page with 51 photos (up to Feb. 13)

Here is a page with 196 photos (up to Feb. 1)

Here are two (very large) images from the journey


Here are some photos before they left.

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The staging area, as the one million details are dealt with. Somewhere on this table is an envelope of phone cards.

Here's the problem with photographing three women. You can get two looking pretty good, but one of them will have her eyes closed.

Then the third one will look pretty good, but the other two are not looking at the camera.

Part of the important preparations involved Christmas. Santa brought a digital camera so many, many photos of France could be taken. I believe this is the last ever photo of our old fake Christmas tree.

Before I boxed it up...

...and put it on the berm. So long, old friend.

Then there was a Skype training session so we could use VOIP instead of long distance phone calls. Here we are at the Fry'n Pan in Moorhead, getting a lesson from Nem.

This worked out very well. Shortly after the kids reached France they called us with Skype. It was as clear as a bell and as free as a bird. Thank you Nem, thank you Skype.

The Trip to Chicago

To get an extended stay visa for France, you are required to travel to Chicago and present yourself in person at the consulate. We drove to Minneapolis to meet Adam, who took them back to Chicago with him.

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While we were there, we descended on Grandma Slator, who was a very patient and gracious hostess.

Then the three of them packed themselves into the cab of Adam's truck and headed south. Imagine you are still in your 20s, and maybe you will get how this ride must have been.
Meanwhile, the rest of use drove north into the teeth of storm. Audrey and Mitch found themselves in a ditch before they got home.

This is their story to tell, but here we will summarize. They made it to Chicago. Stayed a week.

Then they rode home on the train.

And landed back in Fargo, in the wee hours of the morning.

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